The fediverse shows great potential in fundamentally rethinking how we approach the internet. It is a new way of thinking about how the internet can be a social web, and solves for the problems that the current Big Tech platforms have, while at the same time enabling a new wave of innovation and new ideas on the social web.

  • Giving people control of their data and social connections, allowing them to choose whatever platform and product they want.
  • Giving people control of their privacy and their feeds, without black-box algorithms that decide for them what they get to see.

The Fediversity project is working on making it easier for people to join the fediverse, and taking full control on their own online social presence. We make it easier for you to join the fediverse, giving you an easy way to select what you need. With one click, you can select whether you need photo sharing, microblogging, video sharing, blogging or simply email. You can get a domain name as well, so you can be up and running with a professional social presence on the new internet in without any effort.

Fediversity is currently in development, and you can follow us on Mastodon for all the latest information.