The Fediversity Project enables easy hosting for a wide variety of fediverse platforms, all based on NixOS. At the start, the project will support Mastodon, PixelFed,PeerTube, Matrix and Nexcloud, and the project is actively working to expand this offering. Other services that are offered are email (based on Stalwart) and domain registry.

As part of the NGI Funding, the Fediversity Project also offers grants to developers to expand the ecosystem. The NLNet website has more information on how you as a developer can apply to grants, ranging from 5.000 to 50.000 euro’s.

If you are a developer of fediverse software, and would like to get your platform also offered for easy hosting as part of the Fediversity Project, please reach out to us. You can contact us HERE.

As the project is based upon NixOS, we are actively supporting making fediverse projects available as nix packages. If your project is on the fence about this, please reach out. Nix packages make updating and maintaining fediverse projects a breeze!