European Commission

The Fediversity project implements the visions outlined by the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative for an open internet in several ways. Most importantly, it helps with decentralisation of the internet, a core principle of the NGI, by making it easier for people to participate in the Open Social Web on their own terms. NGI’s goal of empowering individuals in the digital sphere is helped by making it easy for them to set up their own servers and platforms. While a variety of Fediverse software exist, there are still barriers of entry for people. In order for people to be truly empowered, joining the fediverse needs to be as weasy as possible. Additionally, the Fediverse emphasises interoperability and openness, which are key concerns addressed by the NGI.

Part of the values of openness and transparency of is that the Fediversity project is that all the deliverables of the projects are have a ‘Public’ Dissemination level. On this page an overview of all deliverables of the Fediversity project can be found.